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BrandBitiousPR focuses on three major points in Public Relations: media, event coordinating, and marketing. 

BrandBitiousPR proposes to take each client to the highest peak of their career by shaping their image in the public. Publicity is our passion, representing clients is our life. PR tactics such as press releases, public appearances at exclusive events, product placement, and brand/image styling are just a few services BrandBitiousPR offers and accomplish for our clients. 


We strive to bring  unique ideas to your business and challenge potential clients to trust in BrandBitiousPR.


Frequently asked questions

  • What job duties does a Publicist handle?
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  • Can any company use a publicist?
    Yes! Start-ups turn to Publicist to be their communications partner to launch and build their brands, and large companies rely on Publicist to bring innovative and effective programs to raise awareness with different audiences. PR & Marketing is not one-size-fits all.
  • How much do you charge for specific services??
    PR experts typically will offer you a range of services based on your budget. Ask for an a la carte menu of costs for such services as press releases, videos, white papers and social media campaigns. You also will want to find out if the agency offers a pay-per-performance model, which allows you pay a lower upfront retainer with payment bonuses linked to results. This approach ensures that the PR firm is sharing the risks with you.
  • Have you done your background research??
    I have a very good business website and yet people will still contact me with questions that could easily be answered if they just took 10-15 minutes to browse through my business website and even business social media pages. It saves so much time and prevents awkward moments if you do as much background research on the PR agency or publicist that you are looking to engage with as possible. This also means reading testimonials and paying attention to how they work which will enable you to see if they might work well with you.
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