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In many business endeavors or in the entertainment world there are going to be risks taken. To take risk simply means that you're confident in the stability in which your business or talent will take you. The artist or entrepreneur's main focus is the passion they want to present to the public. When forming a business or pursuing a successful career in entertainment, public approval is a necessity in order to develop powerful responses. As the famous saying goes, “First impression, Last impression” persuading society that you or your product should be a necessity in their life. Your every public outlook should be used as a moment of self-promotion. BrandBitiousPR treats each client as the famous business formula called “supply and demand.” We believe by supplying the client’s needs the public will demand more. 


BrandBitiousPR focuses on three major points on Public Relations: media, event coordinating, and marketing which were the specific elements formed in order to create this prestigious PR group. The company is very advanced in these fields due to our studies at the accredited universities attended. Exploring internships and entertainment campaigns, experiences in these departments were developed. The idea of offering these services to our clients will direct careers and businesses on the road to success.
BrandBitiousPR proposes to take each client to the highest peak of their career. The company is no stranger to hard and intense work. Publicity is our passion, representing clients is our life. PR tactics such as press releases throughout media, public appearances at the most exclusive events, promoting in every market possible, and etc are just a few services BrandBitiousPR will offer and accomplish for our clients. The client’s best interests are what will come first when trusting in the company.  
Motivation, determination, successful, skilled, debonair, and educated are just a few of the qualifications that makeup the young business professionals of BrandBitiousPR. Striving to bring a different image and historical ideas to the PR business is a goal set by BrandBitiousPR. We hope this proposal enlightens insight into what the company can offer and we challenge potential colleagues to trust in BrandBitiousPR. 


“I'm a testimonial. Click to edit me and add text that says something nice about you and your services.”

Nick Wilson, Mission Bay.
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